The season is open year round.

Our hunts optimally take place from the end of November through early March.  We can either lock in dates, or for best hunting experience we recommend flexibility around fresh snowfall.

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Price LIST

Tags are purchased over the counter with 2 tags available per hunter.  Our 6 day fully guided 1 guide:1 hunter prices for 2016 area as follows:

$5500 for first lion

$3500 trophy fee only if a second lion is taken

The cost of tags/licences is not included  (this is VERY reasonable for out of state hunters at approximately $240.)

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Our Nevada Mountain Lion hunts occur in some of the most pristine areas of Nevada where I have been hunting and guiding for 25 years.  We have enjoyed a 100% opportunity success rate on mostly mature toms.  We base the various areas in which we hunt upon the physical capabilities of our hunters.

Mountain Lion hunting is a challenging and a somewhat unpredictable hunt.  We strive to minimize that unpredictability by keeping, breeding, and training the best hounds available.   We also utilize a combination of snow machines, tracked 4 wheelers, horses, and snowshoes.  

Cougar hunting is where Canyons West Guide Service really shines. We are consistently a top outfitter for mountain lion hunts in the state of Nevada. 

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All weapon types are welcome, however, please read the regulations before deciding on your weapon. 


Most shots will be between 3 and 20 yards so practice at this range.  Make sure to practice with a bow at close range as your yardage pins change at 5 yards and less!